Genius SP-U120 3 Watt USB 2.0 Stereo Speakers


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Product Description

Active black stereo speakers with volume control and earphone jack. Power is
supplied through a USB port from a PC or notebook. You can use it just about

Key Features:

Total RS 1 W
output power 3 watt
driver unit: 50×90 mm
frequency response: 160 Hz ~ 20 KHz
signal-to-noise ratio:  80dB
crosstalk:  40dB
volume control
supply: USB
audio in: 3.5mm plug
audio out jack

audio cable: 1.2 m
USB cable: 1.45 m

dimensions: 66x174x78 mm
size of giftbox: 190x75x185
speaker body weight: 470 g
pcs./ctn.: 20k

More Information
power supplied by USB port from PC/notebook
volume control
3.5 mm audio
stereo jack.