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1Why do you not offer different service levels?
There is a simple answer to this, we believe you can only do a job properly or not at all. Often we see people offering 'quick', 'standard' etc options. But in fact the only good service is a complete one. We have found this the best way to ensure you the customer get the best possible service at a fair price.
2Are the big stores not cheaper than you?
This is a bit of an urban myth. We have found on average we are actually cheaper than the bigger stores on over 50% of our products. Rather than keeping prices high and having 'sales' we prefer to offer keen pricing all the time. Don't take my word for it just come and see for yourself.
3How do I create my own Windows 10 media?
Simply click this link to for more info Click here
4What's the best antivirus?
This is a tough one as everyone has a different opinion. To make life easier we base our decision on a independent testing website: Click here We find Bullguard at £16 for 3 PC’s per year is good value. Or you could plump for a free one. We find Panda Dome Click here and Aviria Anti-vir Click here pretty good. What we DO NOT recommend is: Norton, AVG or McAfee.
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